Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Exchange Schema Version 2003 to 2010

Exchange Schema Versions

When preparing an Active Directory forest for the deployment of Exchange Server, one of the steps is to extend the Active Directory schema with new Exchange specific attributes and make modifications to existing schema classes and attributes.
Depending on the Exchange Server version (or Exchange service pack) used, the Active directory schema is extended with a different set of schema classes and attributes. The following table lists the Exchange schema version for each Exchange Server version and Exchange service pack released since Exchange 2003 RTM.

Schema Version rangeUpper Value
Exchange 2003 RTM : 6870

Exchange 2003 SP1 : 6870

Exchange 2003 SP2 : 6870

Exchange 2007 RTM : 10637

Exchange 2007 SP1 : 11116

Exchange 2007 SP2 : 14622

Exchange 2007 SP3 : 14625

Exchange 2010 RTM : 14622

Exchange 2010 SP1 : 14726

Check Schema Version

Using DSQuery
If you want to look up the rangerUpper value using DSQuery, open a command prompt and type the following command:

dsquery * CN=ms-Exch-Schema-Version-Pt,cn=schema,cn=configuration,dc=domain,dc=local -scope base -attr rangeUpper

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