Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Export Mails from mail.que Database (Exchange 2007)

Export Email from Mail Queue Database (Exchange 2007)

Note: Suspend the Messages in Queue before executing this command and Exported message will open with Outlook Express

Complete Mail.Que Database Mails
Get-Message -Server "HUB Server" foreach {Export-Message -Identity:$_.Identity -Path:"C:\Test"}

To Get the individual Mail from mail.que database

suspend the Individual mail from queue viewer and get the Message Identity

Steps to get the Message Identity
1, Open Queue viewer
2, Right Click on Domain Name and Select "View Message"
3, Select the Particular Email and go to Properties "Here you can find the Message Identity in first option"

Export-Message -Identity "HUB2\3446420\54310188" -Path "c:\Test.eml"

You can open the message from Outlook Express

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